Wednesday, March 10, 2004


NYS 2004 NOAC List

Here is a list of all of the known 2004 NOAC issues from New York State OA Lodges, please let me know of any information you may have on unlited issues.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004


Lodge 402 Onondaga Totem Pouch Set S39 X7

This is the 4th set in a six set series of two piece designs depicting Northeast Woodland Indian beadwork and embroidery. The each set utilizes the designs of one of the tribes in the Iroquois Confederacy. Two additional sets are due to be released. Tentative BBV numbering is:
402 Onteroraus S39 PUR C PUR YEL WHT BSA WWW YEL Order of the Arrow - Onondaga Totem Pouch Set w/X7
402 Onteroraus X7 PUR C PUR - YEL FDL outlined BLK w/S39 Onondaga Totem Pouch

I have a couple of sets available for trade for other NY Issue needs.


Onteroraus Lodge 402 NOAC 2004 Flap

Lodge 402 has also issued a 2004 NOAC Flap. The tentative BB stats:
402 Onteroraus S40 WHT R M/C BLK WHT FDL Blk 402 NOAC 2004

I have a couple available for trade for other NY 2004 NOAC Issue needs.


Lodge 86 2004 NOAC Sponsor Flap

Lodge 86 Nacha Nimat has just issued a 2004 NOAC Fundraiser Flap. The tentative Blue Book stats are:
86 Nacha Nimat S14 SMY R BLK WHT DGR FDL & Arrowhead Logo WHT NOAC 2004 Sponsor

I have a couple available for trade for other NY 2004 NOAC Issue needs.


159 Ho-De-No-Sau-Nee Winter Conclave Patch

Lodge 159 has recently issued an 2004 event patch for their Winter Conclave. The tentative Blue Bokk stats are: 159 Ho De No Sau Nee eR2004-1 GRY C BLK YEL RED FDL; RED "Winter Conclave"; YEL "Rockhaven" BLK 2004

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