Thursday, May 27, 2004


Lodge 95 Ty-Ohni eX2004 Spring Ordeal

Ty-Ohni Lodge #95 has issued an event patch for their 2004 Spring Ordeal.

Likely BB Stats to follow: eX2004 GRN R BLK WHT GRN FDL WHT 2004 Spring Ordeal TR


Lodge #165 Ho Nan Ne Ho Ont 2004 NOAC Trader Flap

Ho Nan Ne Ho Ont #165 has issued a trader flap for the 2004 NOAC. There will also be a delegate flap.

Likely BB Stats to follow: F3 RED R WHT BLK WHT FDL WHT 165 BLK Council Name & Number NOAC 2004 BLU WWW TLS

Wednesday, May 26, 2004


Suanhacky Lodge #49 2004 NOAC Fundraiser

Suanhacky Lodge #49 has issued a 2004 NOAC Fundraiser flaps.

Likely BB Stats to follow: S42 ROR R M/C YEL M/C FDL M?C NOAC Yel WWW

Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Section NE3A 2004 NOAC Set

The Eight Lodges in Section NE3A will be issuing a flap for the 2004 NOAC with a uniform look. An artists rendition of one for the flaps is shown below. Only six of the lodges are from NY State, with the remaining 2 Lodges headquartered in PA. The particpating lodges include: 30 Tkaen DoD 46 Langundowi (PA) 95 Ty Ohni 159 Ho de No Sau Nee 165 Ho Nan Ne Ho Ont 255 Gyantwachia (PA) 339 Ashokwahta 417 Ganeodiyo

Section NE3B will also be issuing a section set.

Monday, May 24, 2004


Lodge #159 Ho De No Sau Nee 2004 NOAC Fundraiser 2-piece set

Lodge 159 will issue a 2-piece Fundraiser set for the 2004 NOAC. The tentative Blue Book stats based on the artists rendition of the set would be: S/F? Blu R M/C Red Wht FDL, 159 NOAC 2004 X? Blu R M/C Blu Blu FDL, BLK NOAC 2004, Lodge 159 WWW


Lodge 159 Ho De No Sau Nee 2004 NOAC Dangle

Lodge 159 will issue a Dangle for the 2004 NOAC. Apparently there will be two varieties. One as a trader, and a second with a different border color restricted to delegates. The tentative Blue Bokk stats based on the artists rendition of the trader would be: 159 Ho De No Sau Nee X? YEL R M/C RED RED FDL, WWW PUR "NOAC 2004 Ames Iowa"

Sunday, May 23, 2004


Suanhacky Lodge 75th Anniversary 2-piece set

Suanhacky Lodge #49 has issued a 2-piece set in celebration of its 75th Anniversary in 2005 (so there a bit early)

Likely BB Stats to follow: S43 Blk R M/C BLK Yel FDL BLK Diamond Anniversary X? BLK R M/C - - BLK 1930-2005 Diamond Logo on Tower of Friendship

Saturday, May 22, 2004


Ho Nan Ne Ho Ont Lodge #165 NOAC Issues

Don't have a scan available yet, but my understanding is that Lodge 165 will be issuing 2 flaps for the 2004 NOAC. There will be a trader (likely F3) and a restricted delegate (likely F4) more info to follow as available.

Monday, May 17, 2004


NE4A Section Conclave Not a Lodge 30 Event Patch -

I am seeking information on a round event patch that would appear to belong to Lodge 30; the question is which Lodge 30?

In 1992 Lodge #30 Winningus merged with Tkaen Dod #186 to form Tkaen Dod #30. Winningus was the OA Lodge for General Sullivan Council and the Home of Camp Brule. As you can see from the image above this patch is dated 1992 Camp Brule and reads Blazing the Trial to Brotherhood.
I have received several responses stating that:
This is a NE4A Section Conclave patch
The Conclave was hosted by Lodge 30 Winningus just prior to their merger with 186 Tkaen Dod.
So not an undiscovered Lodge 30 event patch. :-(

Wednesday, May 12, 2004


Haudenosaunee Lodge 19 Regular Issue Flap

Lodge 19 has issued a new regular-issue lodge flap

Likely BB Stats S10 RED R M/C BLK YEL FDL Red WWW


Haudenosaunee Lodge 19 New Jacket Patch J2

The lodge backpatch is a fundraiser issue to support a building project at Camp Wakpominee.

The Backpatch is "flap" shaped approximately 7" wide, 4.5" high BB Style stats: J2 BLK R M/C YEL YEL FDL 2004 Lodge 19 Blk Camp Wakpominee
Thanks to Bruce Raver for the information on the new Lodge 19 issues.


Lodge #19 Ktemaque Chapter Round

The Ktemaque Chapter patch was issued for no more than 4 years (this was the 4th year of the event but I don't know when it was first used). There's no date on it and they've been giving out the same patch 1/person to people who worked the Webelos Camping Day Weekend each year. I understand that there were about 12 people who received one this year, and probably somewhat similar numbers in past years. I'll check to see how many years they've used the patch. Does anyone know when this was first issued or have one for trade? Likely BB VI Stats Red R M/C BLK Tan FDL BLK "Ktemaque Chapter Camping Day" WWW

Monday, May 10, 2004


Ktemaque Lodge #15 to issue three 2-piece sets for 2004 NOAC

I don't have a scan available yet, but have some information that Ktemaque will be issuing 3 2-piece sets for the 2004 NOAC. Each Set will have the same design (apparently taken from the J3 or J4) with a different border color.
A Red Bordered Trader, a White bordered Contingent (2 per contingent member) and a Blue Bordered Fundraiser. A Poor copy of the design:


Lodge 86 Contingent Issue

Lodge 86 Nacha Nimat has just issued a 2004 NOAC Delegate(?) Flap. The tentative Blue Book stats are:
86 Nacha Nimat S15 GMY R BLK WHT DGR FDL & Arrowhead Logo WHT NOAC 2004 Sponsor

IT was reported that only 50 were made, mainly going to the contingent.

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