Monday, May 17, 2004


NE4A Section Conclave Not a Lodge 30 Event Patch -

I am seeking information on a round event patch that would appear to belong to Lodge 30; the question is which Lodge 30?

In 1992 Lodge #30 Winningus merged with Tkaen Dod #186 to form Tkaen Dod #30. Winningus was the OA Lodge for General Sullivan Council and the Home of Camp Brule. As you can see from the image above this patch is dated 1992 Camp Brule and reads Blazing the Trial to Brotherhood.
I have received several responses stating that:
This is a NE4A Section Conclave patch
The Conclave was hosted by Lodge 30 Winningus just prior to their merger with 186 Tkaen Dod.
So not an undiscovered Lodge 30 event patch. :-(

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