Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Another Unlisted Lodge #181 Event Patch

Another unlisted event patch from lodge 181 has turned up. There was another 1982 fellowship event patch already known, so the numbering should noew look like: eR1982-1 BLK R YEL BLK BRN 1982 Fellowship Weekend TL eR1982-2 BLK R LBL BLK BRN 1982 Spring into Scouting TR Posted by Picasa


Lodge #181 Nischa Nimat eX1986 unlisted event patch

Here is a previously unlisted event patch from Lodge 181 Nischa Nimat. BB Style stats eX1986 BLK R BLK YEL YEL FDL; YEL Spring into Scouting 1986 Posted by Picasa


Tkaen DoD Lodge #30 Elangomat Issue S22

Brian Klotz brings word of a new Elangomat flap from Lodge #30. This is the same design as the recently issued S21 with the ghosted council name and has a photosenseitive "glow in the dark" border. BB Stats: S22 LGR R M/C BLK GLD FDL; "Glow in the Dark" Border Design of S21 Elangomat Issue Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 10, 2005


Tkaen DoD #30 New Standard Issue S21

Bill Griesmyer noted a new standard issue flap for Lodge 30. Its first change of standard flap since the S1. The change was somewhat minor though; as the flap adds the council name (ghosted) in purple at the bottom of the flap but otherwise no change to the basic design.


Nacha Nimat Lodge 86 New Standard Flap S23

George Jennings sends along information of a new standard flap design for Lodge 86. BB Style stats: S23 BLK R M/C BLK M/C FDL; RED WWW bear behind fire new design

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