Tuesday, April 20, 2004


Shu Shu Gah 2004 NOAC Set for trade

Here is a standing trade offer; my #24 Shu Shu Gah Lodge 2004 NOAC 2-piece set for trade for any other 2004 NOAC Set or 2 2004 NOAC Flaps from any NYS OA Lodge. Email me with trade offers.


Suanhacky Lodge #49 2004 NOAC Issues

There will be 7 NOAC items from Lodge 49.
They currently have a regular flap patch with purple border and special advisors issue with black border. Using the same design, there will be two different color borders with NOAC ghosted in. One will be sold as a fundraiser and the other will be for the lodge delegates. In addition there will be two other delegate flaps with one "X" bottom that will be used for both 'tops'. One will be a trader and one will be restricted. Okay what is that so far =5
Then there will also be two chenilles. One will be for fundraising and purchase and the other will be resticted for delegates only (one per delegate).


#412 Buckskin Lodge 2004 NOAC Issues

Don't have any scans or design info yet, but undertand that Lodge 412 will be issuing 3 2-piece sets and a delegate flap for NOAC later this summer.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004


New Lodge #28 Issues

Lodge 28 has issued two new flaps, a NOAC Fundraiser and a new SMY Ghost. If I have the order correct the BB numbering should be: S22 YEL R WHT BLK GRN FDL Red 28 GRN WWW BLK NOAC 2004 S23 SMY R SMY SMY SMY FDL SMY Lodge 28 WWW ghosted in flap.


Section NE3B 2004 NOAC Set

Seven of the Eight Lodges in Section NE3B will be issuing a flap for the 2004 NOAC with a uniform look. An artists rendition of one for the flaps is shown below. Only Half Moon #28 is not particpating in the set. The particpating lodges include: 19 H a u d e n o s a u n e e 34 G a - H o n - G a 172 O t a h n a g o n 219 K a y a n e r n h - K o w a 247 Ta h g a j u t e 364 L o o n 402 O n t e r o r a u s

I understand that Section NE3A covering Western NY and part of PA will also be issuing a section set.

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