Friday, February 06, 2004


Fakes, Reproductions and Spoofs

While in an ideal world, there would be no fakes or reproductions, that is not the case in the collecting world. When new reproductions are uncovered for NY OA Lodges, I will report them here. I typically will not report spoofs, unless they may be mistaken for lodge issues.

For those on Patch-L, there have been reports of a eBay seller "bidmystamp" who is apparently selling reproductions. The easiset way to distinguish them is they are modern looking with a cut edge as compared to a rolled edge on the origianl issues.
There are two of these of interest to NY OA traders. 19 Sisilijia ZS1 BLK C M/C RED - WHT buffalo; RED 19; LOL ground Modern Fake of S4 34 Ona Yote ZR1 WHT R RED BLK LPR FDL BLK 1982-1992 3" Round Fake of J1. A third item has recently surface, although not from this seller. It appears to be a fake of the 402 S18 bit with an Orange Cut Edge border, similar in style to the two items above. It will likely be listed as the 402ZS1. All three items can be found at John Pannell's OAImages

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