Sunday, February 22, 2004


Lodge 294 F1 Information requested

The existence of the Kamargo 294 F1 with Rounded bottom (generally described as half-moon shaped in older references) as the true FF is in question; I understand the image on OAimages is from one of the First Flaps in Color authors.
I have a B&W copy of one with a thread break (it's missing the arrowhead) originally from Don Vanderbilt's collection. Don't know where that one wound up. One appears on Rob Kutz's NY OA Prices Realized 2/92 - 3/93 which is listed as missing the arrowhead and sold for $500.
Rob did several auctions of NY OA Collections from that time frame at least one was for Joe Mirenda's estate (his GNYC 5 Lodges issues), don't remember the source of the other, it may have been Don Vanderbilt's. The F1 is also listed (F1 "half moon shape") in Al Rosenberger's "The Order of the Arrow in New York State" published around 1984-1985 and in the Original Arapaho 2.
Does anyone else know of the location of one or more of these round bottom (half moon) 294F1's?

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