Wednesday, February 04, 2004


Who is issuing the most patches for NOAC (or in 2004)?

I recently heard from a Lodge #19 Haudenosaunee member about the lodges tentative plans for new patches in 2004 "Lodge 19 is considering as many as 13 new patches, many of which will be for the NOAC 2004: 1. A one-piece NOAC flap matching the NE3B set. 2,3 - A 2-piece flap set for NOAC. 4 - A shoulder patch for NOAC. 5,6,7,8,9,10 - A 6-piece set shaped like oversized CSPs, to form one outer circle (one to represent each chapter. 11 - A hexagon piece for the center of the circle, NOAC theme. 12 - A hexagon piece for the center of the circle, non-NOAC "regular" theme. 13 - Regular-issue flap with a sunrise/sunset sky (as opposed to day or night). Almost makes me want to quit. Almost." A lot of new issues, but I still have the bug too, so I'll be looking for all of these myself.

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