Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Unlisted Neckerchief Lodge 417 Ganeodiyo ?

This is a bleg for information regarding what is apparently an unlisted Neckerchief from Lodge #417 Ganeodiyo. The neckerchief is similar in design to the N1.5 but rather than having "61" in red, this one has "59" in red at the bottom of the neckerchief. The N1.5 is dated "61" in 1961 the 2H Conclave was held at Crumhorn Mountain Scout Reservation which is the Council Camp of Onteroraus Lodge 402. Therefore the N1.5 would either be a NOAC Contingent Neckerchief (NOAC held in 1961) or and Area Conclave Contingent Neckerchief. Since there was no NOAC in 1959 my best guess is both the 1961 and the 1959 neckerchiefs are Lodge Contingent Neckerchiefs to the 2H conclaves. As you can see, the neckerchief is white with 2 red arrows, a red Area II-H and 59. I need to confirm my belief this is a Lodge Contingent piece to the Area 2H Conclave in 1959 and not the conclave neckerchief. Does anyone have any direct knowledge of this issue? Does anyone have a scan of the 2-H conclave patch or neckerchief? Knowledge of the Host Lodge who held the 1959 2H conclave or Camp the event was held in? Please send you comments to me via the email link in the sidebar or directly here on the blog. Posted by Picasa

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