Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Loon Lodge #364 Merger?

And another one bites the dust....
Bruce Raver recently reported on Patch-L on the merger (absorbtion) of Adirondack Council into Twin Rivers Council.
For those who have not yet heard, Adirondack Council and Twin Rivers Council have merged. Below is the text of the article in the latest issue of the Twin Rivers Council newsletter "Signals" sent to adult volunteers. Adirondack Council's area will become the Adirondack District of Twin Rivers Council. Perhaps it's more accurate to say that Adirondack Council was "absorbed." I have not heard anything yet about the impact to the lodges. When Wakpominee Lodge 48 merged with Ganienkeh Lodge 19 in 1998, they became the Wakpominee Chapter of the new Haudenosaunee Lodge 19. No telling what the youth members will decide on, but a new lodge name could be in the making. I'll post additional news as it becomes available. An interesting side note for numbers people: Loon Lodge 364 coincidentally shares the same number as the Twin Rivers Council (#364), so maybe Loon won't completely lose its old number if lodges are known by their council number!
The old Adirondack Council Webpage now is renamed Adirondack District with a link to the Twin Rivers Council homepage. No news on the Loon Lodge website or the Haudenosaunee Lodge website at this writing.

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